Best Strategies When Buying Men’s Underwear

Buying men’s underwear over the years, we’ve noticed there are quite a few strategies that help in the underwear shopping process. These strategies come after buying multiple pairs of men’s underwear we would not end up liking, underwear that didn’t fit and men’s underwear that isn’t what was expected.

  • When buying a brand you haven’t tried before, only buy one pair. If the sizing, style or fit are off and you’ve got many pairs, then you’ve now got extra pairs of underwear you don’t need.
  • Check your gut before you click to buy and check it again later at checkout in the shopping cart. If you feel like you’re buying a color or style you don’t want so you can please someone else, remember it is you who will be wearing the underwear. Your loved ones may or may not see it in a given day, so you need to be content with what underwear you’re wearing all day.
  • Check sizing charts. For example, one brand may appeal to those who like baggy underwear while another brand is targeting male customers who like tighter underwear. Every brand and style should have a size chart on the page so you can check for fit. As we discuss different brands and styles over time, we’ll share insight on sizing.

If you look around here at the Freshpair site, you can find some different tips their team suggests as well!

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Top 5 Types of Best Selling Men’s Underwear

With many types of underwear sold to men, these 5 types are bestsellers. If you’re a guy who wants longer underwear to prevent chafing or to use as shorts, boxers or trunks may be for you. If you like a contour pouch and sexy style, try briefs. On your way to play sports? Try a jock strap. Need some smaller underwear? Try a thong! Here is the full list of 5 types of best selling men’s underwear:

  1. Boxers – relaxed underwear that can work as shorts, with a fly
  2. Briefs – low rise underwear with a contour pouch and sexy style
  3. Jock straps – moisture wicking and great for sports
  4. Thongs – comfortable smaller underwear with a thinner back
  5. Trunks – form fitting underwear that is a length between boxers and briefs and also prevents chafing

To browse these styles and cross compare, we recommend this page at Freshpair.

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5 Reasons Briefs are a Popular Choice for Men

If you’re a guy and you buy briefs, they can help with a range of activities. Briefs are very popular for men to wear since they generally offer these 5 features:

  1. Unlike boxers, briefs don’t usually ride up
  2. Briefs can be worn under shorts without extending out of the shorts
  3. Briefs can hold your package safely in case you need to walk fast, jog or run
  4. When you wear briefs, often you won’t know you’re wearing underwear since everything is held snugly
  5. Briefs cover a good amount of skin so you won’t get cold

We recommend the selection of briefs here at Hisroom as they have hundreds of styles you can easily shop through to find what you need.

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